Load Cell Mounts

Load Cell Mounts/Assemblies

Scales Unlimited Inc. is a manufacturer of all types and capacities of Load Cell Mounts. We build assemblies that others build and the one's they say they can’t or won’t. Load Cell mounts are used in all electronic scales from Livestock to Truck Scales to Rail Road Scales to the Hopper/Tank Scales. Whether using mounts in a new scale installation or converting a mechanical scale to a fully electronic system, our mounts can do the job. We can customize our assemblies to meet your needs.

If you value the advantages of a fully electronic scale and have already invested in a traditional mechanical lever system, or if you need a replacement assembly, contact us. Scales Unlimited Inc. provides the best assemblies, bar none.

To find the mount that is compatible with your loadcell please select your load cells information from the drop down below.