Hopper Scales





The Continuous Weigh Hopper Model CWH-15 is quite possibly the most impressive load-out scale ever made. Whether weighing grain, fertilizer or any bulk material this Legal For Trade, NTEP approved system offers the following features.

  • Up to 1,800,000 pounds of material an hour
  • approximately 36,000 - 38,000 bushels per hour
  • Loads a semi-truck in less than 3 minutes
  • Loads railroad cars in less than 7 minutes

This unique system allows this level of continuous production for as long as there is product waiting to be weighed. This fully automated computerized system, with NTEP approved software couldn't be simpler to operate, just enter in the weight desired and watch the scale work. In short, you can load faster than you ever thought was possible.


  • Customer specific modifications


  • 5 Year Structural Warranty
  • 2 Year Warranty On Load Cells
  • Manufacturer warranty on all other accessories


  • Sensortronics 60058/65058
  • Revere 5103/9103
  • Celtron CSB
  • Artech 70210
  • Rice Lake-RL7000


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